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Masonry Hardscape Cleaning & Sealing Restoration

CLEANING CONCRETE PAVERS & NATURAL STONE around your home can dramatically increase the curb appeal and overall look of your homes condition. Sprinklers can cause calcium and scale to build up over time which can make your expensive masonry hardscape look drastically aged. SUPERIOR POOL TILE CLEANING restores weathered CONCRETE PAVER, FLAG STONE AS WELL AS BRICK DRIVEWAYS, WALKWAYS & POOL DECKS. Pressure washing and sealing wont have the longevity and produce the deep rich colors that your hardscape is capable of compared to media blasting the CONCRETE PAVERS, NATURAL FLAGSTONE and BRICKS first. Media blasting removes the layer of calcium and dirt exposing the raw stone, brick or concrete pavers which will allow the sealer to penetrate deep inside giving a longer lasting seal compared to just pressure washing alone. The sealer will also be able to truly enhance the colors of the stone the way it is designed.

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flag stone driveway cleaning sealing orange county

Palm tree roots cause major damage when planted too close to a pool!!

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Deck O Seal Expansion Joint

REPLACING THE CRACKED AND DAMAGED DECK O SEAL EXPANSION JOINT is a very critical and necessary repair that needs to be addressed ASAP once noticed. Swimming pools are engineered to move separately from pool decks due to the different weights and densities of swimming pools in the ground. When the movement occurs, the expansion joint will crack over time which will allow water to enter in between the coping and pool shell. That water intrusion will eventually lead to the coping mortar cracking and thus a crack in the middle of your top row of pool tiles. To avoid all of this, simply give Superior Pool Tile Cleaning a call for an affordable price to replace the DECK O SEAL around your pool.

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Swimming Pool Spa Fountain Hardscape Cleaning Sealing & Repair Services

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Pool Tile Repair & Pool Tile Remodel

If you are like most swimming pool owners, you have a few loose or missing swimming pool tiles that have fallen off. Superior Pool Tile Cleaning offers seamless POOL TILE REPAIRS to fix the pool tiles that have come loose. We also can re-tile your whole pool or a section which can dramatically update and change the appearance of your pool, spa & fountain instantly.

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Acid Washing Pool Plaster - Pebble & Quarts

ACID WASHING POOLS removes calcium covered pool plaster, deep yellow, brown and black algae and removes copper and cobalt stains restoring the beauty your pool once had.

Keeping old, out of balance water in your pool, spa or fountain for too long causes major cosmetic issues as well as costing more money for chemicals and costly repairs to equipment and irreversible damage to your pool plaster. Here's why, over time pool water can become over saturated with chemicals, minerals and metals. Some metals like copper and magnesium are in your tap water, some algaecides are made of copper in a liquid state. Copper stains pool plaster green or blue depending on the color of your plaster. A high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level will definitely cause your water to precipitate scale onto pool tiles and plaster which can cover over dirt and algae causing you pool plaster to appear dingy and old before its time. 

Pool water should be changed usually every 5-7 years to keep pools looking and operating their best. Since Southern California has been in a severe drought for many years, this hasn't been an option for most people living in Orange County & Los Angeles. However, with the major rain California has received lately, pool owners should take advantage by DRAINING & ACID WASHING their pools before another drought strikes California.

Swimming Pool Repair & Cleaning Services

Pool Tile Cleaning | Calcium Removal

The name says it all. SUPERIOR POOL TILE CLEANING offers an affordable calcium and scale removal service using the MOST SAFEST & SUPERIOR POOL TILE CLEANING PROCESS AVAILABLE to the LOS ANGELES, ORANGE COUNTY, RIVERSIDE & SAN BERNARDINO areas.

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