Superior Pool Tile Cleaning Reviews

We know there are tons of SWIMMING POOL CLEANING SERVICE companies in Orange County & Los Angeles. Many are very skilled in their crafts. However, what you may read on a website or see some amazing before & after pictures doesn't always relate to the job you will be getting. Our long proven track record of many happy and satisfied customers year after year is who we will let speak for our commitment to each and every customer. These reviews were complied from the various places customers leave their reviews about us.

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Alderete Construction, Pools, & Solar highly recommends Mike Wood of "Superior Tile Cleaning" to all who are looking for a company that can really clean & revitalize your existing tile. We have been in business since 1976 using & trying all tile cleaning companies in orange county. We have now found that "Superior Tile Cleaning" has and will provide us with the professional tile cleaning service for our clients with the knowledge/customer service that we are providing. We have now experience over 7 years of Mikes tile cleaning services. His experience & professionalism was the most important factor to our company. We highly recommend him & his company to any/everyone who needs any tile cleaning services.


Performed very well, service was excellent, and Mike's attitude is great. Met the target regarding deadlines, budgets, and everything went without a hitch.


Nicely done! Very clean, very thorough, and I really appreciate the cleanliness. They showed up on time and were very professional. I highly recommend them.


cleaned calcium deposits from pool and spa tile, and brick. showed up on time. completed job on time. pool and spa look great. would hire him again.


I hired Superior Pool Tile Cleaning several years ago to restore the stone around my house. The results were great and the price was extremely competitive, but what most impressed me was their prompt response. Any company that does not respond to my inquiry within two hours will not get my business because that tells me they don't care. 

I have referred several of my associates in the legal field to Superior Pool Tile Cleaning over the years and received only very positive thanks. Good service, good price, and good work ethics = an excellent company.