Acid Washing


Give your pool plaster a much needed ACID WASHto brighten up yourpool. Water conservation is very important, but not changing pool water for years will take a toll on your pool plaster.

Hardscape Restoration & Sealing


Natural stone, brick & concrete pavers all need maintenance. We offer full HARDSCAPE RESTORATION & SEALING for all of your masonry around your home.

Swimming Pool Spa Fountain Hardscape Cleaning Sealing & Repair Services


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 The Superior Pool Tile Cleaning Difference - Yorba Linda, Ca 


Our POOL TILE CLEANING PROCESS is similar to the industry standard glass bead blasting. The difference however is the extremely soft, ECO and PET FRIENDLY pool tile cleaning blast media we use that is sprayed at a very low air pressure to insure no damage is done to the face of the tile. We do not use caustic chemicals or POWERFUL PRESSURE WASHERS to clean calcium off pool tiles, bricks and stone.

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Southern California Pool Tile Cleaning, Repair & Hardscape Restoration Services

Our past projects include:

Theme Park, Resort & Water Park Fountains, Pools, Spas & Slides

City and State High School Pools & Fountains

Commercial, Residential Pools, Spas, Fountains

Orange County Pool Tile Cleaning

Pool Tile Repair & Complete Re-Tile


Our seamless POOL TILE REPAIR will leave you guessing where the repair was even done! Tired of the pool tiles you have now? We will completely re-tile your pool & spa without having to replace the plaster!

Pool Tile Cleaning Calcium Removal


POOL TILE CLEANING is our speciality. We clean every type of calcium covered pool tiles, stone, brick, travertine and more WITHOUT damage caused by harsh chemicals or glass bead blasting